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Samsung sgh A800

Samsung sgh A800

Samsung sgh a800 - It is aimed at women, the engineers try to reduce the dimensions of the phone (68g) and weigh as much as possible (80x40x22mm). So it's obvious why this phone is not useful for men. The handset will be produced in metallic silver, it will have 2 display, both with blue backlight. The lookout is not too large, has a resolution of 64x64 pixels and can display up to 3 lines of text and a line of icons. I think it's not very interesting to talk about the advantages of the lookout, they are the same as in other similar phones. Innovative features, first in a GSM phone, is the possibility to adjust the contrast of the two screens.

If you see the body with full attention, under the outer screen you will see curved indicators, analog V-Alert from Motorola. You can choose one of the 7 available colors (white, yellow, light blue, green, purple (purple), Orange and dark blue) and associated indicator light call with a phone number from your phonebook, which is very convenient in the darkness. Samsung sgh a800 - There are the volume keys on the left side, holes for an additional external antenna that is blocked with the rubber Plug and the hole for the connector in the upper side and the standard interface socket at the bottom of the phone.

When you open the phone, you can record that was really well done. There is a hole in the top of the screen, the dynamic that has a rather large size. Why? In contrast to another mobile phone of this kind from Samsung, the two Dynamics-Dynamics and dynamical phone used to signal the call merged into one. This is the price for the dimensions of the cell phone. So, when the phone rang, it was closed and the melody plays  "in " phone, which is why one can hear it with no good. In addition, usually 16-polyphonic ringtones sound not too loud, so the volume of his voice was quiet.

Elaborate interface, first appeared in the N-series phones, used here as well. In standby mode, one can see 4 icons in correspondence to the position of the 4 navigation buttons, such as a quick menu. Of course, you can define an icon in any direction, its structure is convenient. Samsung sgh a800 - Information on battery power (3 items), signal level (6 items) displayed on the screen. There you can also see the job applications (vibra-alarm clock alerts, messages, and more).

Press the left soft key and you are on the menu. This is similar to the one in H1 reviews: current submenu title above and the list of items below. All submenus can be accessed by scrolling, to confirm the option You need to press the soft key. Menu items can also be accessed by using a shortcut number. Samsung sgh a800 - The specificity of the menu is a list of items that are a list of the item by entering the menu. To look you have to wait for half a second or scroll through the list, it's not always convenient. Let's see the main functions of the phone.

  • The phone book. To access phone book in idle mode, one must press the right soft key. You will see a list of items, the first  "search based on the name ".
  • The message. Everything is public, in spite of all the phone supports EMS standards. The engineers collaborated a set of small images (22 pieces) and animated (24 images).
  • The call log. There is nothing interesting. There are 3 lists of calls received and missed and the number you call.
  • Sound functions. Enter this submenu allows you to use Dictaphone 10: works only in standby mode.
  • Sound. Here you can select the ringtones (polyphonic melodies 18, 3 ringtones, animal sound 7).
  • Phone settings. There is nothing that needs to be said. This sub-menu lets you adjust quick menu in idle mode.